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A pharmacist is not a salesman and is not a doctor

A pharmacist is not a salesman and is not a doctor, Pharmacy is one of the auxiliary medical professions. and the pharmacist’s role is not limited to selling medicine. But rather he is responsible for securing the appropriate medicine to treat the patient .

As it complements the role of the doctor in eliminating diseases. but the question that may come to the minds of many of us is whether the pharmacist can replace the doctor in Diagnosing the disease and prescribing the appropriate medication. Is it his authority to change and alter the prescriptions.

He is obligate to follow the doctor’s prescription. And he is best able to determine the appropriate medication to treat the pathological conditions he diagnosed?

A pharmacist does not perform the duties of a doctor

The pharmacist can not replace the doctor, so began d. Muhammad Al-Nama’a, a general practitioner . Made an emergency comment in his comment on the matter and continued: The pharmacist completes the role of the doctor.

For example, the doctor has questions about medication, doses, side effects, or about an antibiotic, whether it is suitable for certain diseases or not.

The doctor returns to the pharmacist to take information about a specific drug, and our mission As doctors, write prescriptions that the pharmacist dispenses to the patient, if he has some questions, he returns to the doctor.

The most important tasks of the pharmacist

In the event that the drug is not available and an alternative is resorted to. And in this case, he must return to the doctor and not provide the alternative due to his diligence.

As for medicines that are dispensed without prescriptions. They are limited, and there are lists of their names distributed to pharmacists and the pharmacist adheres to them.

As for the phenomenon that the pharmacist diagnoses and gives medicines Which he deems appropriate are not common in the UAE due to the existence of strict regulations and laws so that any abuse by the pharmacist exposes him to suspension from work and withdrawal of the license.

Cooperation between doctor and pharmacist:

Regarding the mutual cooperation between the doctor and the pharmacist. The pharmacist Suha Adeeb told us, saying: When any patient comes with a prescription.

I see through my experience and knowledge of the medicines and diseases used to treat them that they are not suitable for some reason . Or are not available and there are alternatives to them, so I contact the doctor in charge of the prescription and explain to him and discuss the matter And after reaching an agreement with him to change the medication.

The task of the pharmacist inside the pharmacy:

As for the medicines that we describe as pharmacists without prescriptions.

They are well-known and specific and do not need to be used by the patient for a prior diagnosis by the doctor. And there are many patients who directly seek help from the pharmacist for mild or even moderate cases.

You need a comprehensive medical examination, and in the end, the pharmacist is not a doctor because he is not able to diagnose all medical conditions.

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