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About the pharmacy management program

The pharmacy management program must support the possibility of adding more than one user easily. If it wants to provide the best service to your customers and patients who frequent the pharmacy .

It must provide the best service for them, and the honesty, accuracy and quality in providing the service must also be taken into account. The one whose expiry date is approaching if it is in the store or in the pharmacy.

One of the advantages of the Pharmacare program 

It is to know the medicines that have reached the demand limit for the store or the pharmacy. The pharmacy, which runs out quickly and always needs to make orders.

How can you benefit from the pharmacy management program:

Through the Pharmacare pharmacy management program, the medicines in the pharmacy can be divided according to type and specialization . which makes it easier for you when selling, because dividing medicines into sections saves you time and effort when searching for a specific type. Which makes it easier for you to deal with medicines and ensures the ease of searching for any type.

The Pharmacare program links each item with the main or subsidiary store, and this feature can be done through it to make an inventory of the stores in an easy way and control all kinds of medicines and cosmetics, in addition to the ease of obtaining the value of the medicines available in the pharmacy for each store separately or for all stores.

On the pharmacies management program, the Pharmacare program can record all the names of drug stores that deal with it as well as pharmaceutical companies, with the name of the representative for each company in order to make it easier for you to make the orders you need, where the Pharmacare pharmacy management program facilitated adding a new name easily, whether the name of a store or company or a client.

A complete accounting program for pharmacy management:

The Pharmacare program can work within an integrated accounting field that includes the accounts of all suppliers . As well as customers and pharmaceutical companies that the pharmacy deals with.

The pharmacy management program provides a detailed report to the stores containing all the cash movements that occur inside them.

The program should be characterized by ease and speed of use in order to suit any user who uses it . if it was for the pharmacist and the pharmacist’s assistant .

Through the pharmacy management program, you can perform accounting and administrative control at the same time.

The program also contains a copy of the largest approved drug database, ensuring ease of modification and addition to drug names, user names, or others, and modifying the data entered on the program according to your needs.

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