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Barcode drug database

Barcode drug database If you are about to set up a new pharmacy, you should know a number of things that will help you in practicing your activity in the pharmacy and managing it in an excellent manner. First you need to know that you need a management program to organize the sales process inside the pharmacy.

Also, the process of choosing the appropriate program is not an easy one, you have to know and define your needs to choose a pharmacy management program that meets these needs.

Pharmacare Pharmacy Management Comprehensive Program:

We offer you the best pharmacy management program in 2020 Pharmacare is a comprehensive program that has all the capabilities you are looking for pharmacy management. Whatever it is, the Pharmacare pharmacy management program alerts you that a specific drug is running out of all stores in the pharmacy in all branches, and therefore you can cover this item before it runs out.

The Pharmacare pharmacy management program supports barcodes, so you can see any quantity of your medicines through the barcode feature, which guarantees you a quick sale with instant invoice printing for all sales you make, in addition to the fact that the company can provide a barcode reader if you need it.

Accounting system for pharmacy management

Through the Pharmacare pharmacy management program, it is possible to manage all sales operations that it makes, as it is a comprehensive accounting system for the pharmacy. The pharmacies management program by alerting its imminent end with a period starting from one to three months.

Pharmacare Complete Accounting System

Pharmacare is a complete accounting system through which it is possible to organize and manage the accounts of suppliers and customers and their payments, whether cash or deferred, to ensure your financial entitlements and organize payments, through the Pharma Care program, the financial status of the pharmacy can be determined by accurately calculating the pharmacy’s revenues and profits, as well as The Pharmacare program, provides you with the ability to switch between sub and main safes.

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