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Benefits of having a pharmacy management program

Benefits of having a pharmacy management program .One of the most important things that should be available in your pharmacy from the beginning of the activity is the presence of an appropriate program to manage the pharmacy business, including exports, imports, returns, purchases, discounts, and others.

Do not risk and use free pharmacy management programs and rely on them completely. free programs usually show problems and defects .

In addition to the lack of technical support or a work team that follows up on solving problems and periodically issuing new updates that occur on the market .

Even if the program is strong and without Problems, it may stop at any time, which disrupts the workflow inside the pharmacy.

What are the foundations for choosing the appropriate pharmacy management program?

Choosing a pharmacy management program has foundations and criteria when choosing it, the most important of which are:

So determining what you need from the capabilities that must be available in the program to ensure the best use of it .

And to ensure that it is the best pharmacy program for you. And programs are also easy to use, such as Pharmacare, the best pharmacy management program, and it provides a high level of services.

 Does Pharmacare provide a large database?

So your choice of pharmacy management program that is right for you depends on the extent of your drug database. which is an important point that must be taken into account in terms of the number and types of items, data entered.

And the extent to which they are updated according to price changes. In working on the program and providing you with convenience.

Is it possible to test the program before buying it?

Of course  Pharmacare offers you a trial version of the program, which you can download from this link Request to download a free trial of the Pharmacare program

And you can test the program and know its features and the trial version of the program. Through which you can make purchases and purchases and test a number of invoices to see how the program works and how it works.

In addition Pharmacare provides you with a full explanation of the program. And this may make it easier for you to deal with it, whether in the trial version or when you purchase the program.

Can the program be linked to a group of pharmacies?

The Pharmacare pharmacy management program supports linking more than one copy, whether through an internal server or an external server, as it links all branches through the cloud with a single database to link a group of pharmacies, and each user can be linked to a point of sale in order to determine the sales and bills of each user separately .

What about the powers and users in the pharmacies management program?

The user’s permissions for the program are set according to the nature of his situation . The program supports more than one user, but it provides protection for the privacy of customer and pharmacy data.

 Does Pharmacare support barcode sales?

If you want the feature of printing a barcode in more than one way and with all the data. So the Pharmacare program is the best pharmacy management program that uses this feature very accurately,

As it has a reader for international and local barcodes and QR, and this is what Pharmacare provides . In addition to that it contains two languages, Arabic and English.

Can Pharmacare be used to manage pharmacies in Saudi Arabia?

Certainly, Pharmacare is the best pharmacy management program in Saudi Arabia . In addition to its interest in all the features that the Saudi pharmacist needs in the pharmacy management program.

In addition to this Pharmacare has provided a large database for all the medicines in the Saudi market . And Pharmacare keeps pace with the new updates that occur in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of Pharmacy . Including the value-added tax in Saudi Arabia on the health care sector.

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