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Easy management of your pharmacy with Pharmacare

Easy management of your pharmacy with Pharmacare . With the Pharmacare pharmacy management program. You will be more comfortable and secure because everything related to pharmacies management has become in one program.

Which is Pharmacare, through which all medicines in the pharmacy store can be entered through a barcode or type the code manually and create a special barcode for medicines and other products that do not have them Code with the possibility of using any type of printer.

The possibility of creating an entry code for the store in order to secure the existing data and balances.

In addition to detailed reports on the inventory of the drug store in the pharmacy . Including the current quantity of all items in the store and showing the total sales of the item and the total profits from the items. With reports on the medicines that are not in the pharmacy Any shortcomings of each category and print the report.

Pharmacare accounting management program helps you to know everything related to sales in the pharmacy . And the movement of sales for each item separately, with reports on sales during a certain period .

In order to verify each item and its condition, in addition to facilitating the manual inventory process of medicines in the pharmacy . As it shows you the number of deficits The disability report can be printed automatically.

The best way to manage a pharmacy store

Pharmacare for pharmacies management provides you with a search in the pharmacy store in several ways. Including the code and the name or letters from the name or the department in the store.

In addition to the possibility of selling through the barcode device or entering the code from the keyboard. Which provides you with faster selling, especially when using a device barcode.

One of the features that distinguishes the Pharmacare Assistant is that it contains automatic alerts .That help you remember everything that may be forgotten.

Such as the automatic alert in the sales screens when the quantity of a drug decreases. And you are alerted with the appearance of an alert message that an order to purchase new drugs must be made before they are completely exhausted.

If you use the barcode feature in the sale, the indications for use for each drug are automatically shown during its sale in the sales screen .

And also the active substance of the drug and the search for alternatives to the drug with the active substance and to show the drugs that contain the active substance or alternative.

Managing the sales process inside the pharmacy

The Pharmacare pharmacy management program can run more than one point of sale. At the same time without any errors or malfunctions, in addition to printing a sales invoice for the customer on which the name of the pharmacy and all the details of the invoice such as the sale time and date, with the possibility of placing an advertisement in the invoice.

The pharmacy management program Pharmacare allows you to enter more than one user with the ability to enter each user with his own password, and different permissions can be assigned to each user that the rest of the employees or users cannot view. others.

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