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General information in the field of pharmacy :

General information in the field of pharmacy that you may not know. If you work in a pharmacy as a pharmacist assistant, you should know some general information related to the field of pharmacy, which will help you to perform your role in the pharmacy successfully.

More Information

Among this information are the names of medicines, as the active substances are considered an international name. Medicines are named in the regulations according to their international “non-proprietary” names.

World Health Organization :

 International nonproprietary names should also be used in therapeutic protocols, prescriptions, in order to avoid confusion, as medicines are sold by their international names or can be sold under the trade names of their manufacturer, and most countries of the world have a list of all essential medicines. National regulation, in this case relying on the regulation of the World Health Organization.


One of the advantages of using the national list that belongs to the country is the possibility of facilitating the supply and also reducing the cost. Most of the medicines that are already in the list of the World Health Organization are available in their generic form at reasonable prices, in addition to facilitating the process of coordinating international aid.

Classification of medicines 

As for the classification of drugs in the list of the World Health Organization, these drugs are classified according to their therapeutic effects ,This method has several educational benefits.

But it cannot be used as a basis for establishing a storage system One drug, for example, may appear in several classifications, and so on, as “Doctors Without Limits” to follow a storage system according to the method of drug application and also returns to the alphabetical order.

division of medicines

Medicines are dealt with by dividing them into a number of groups and also they are arranged alphabetically within each group.

The most important of these divisions are medicines in the form of injections – and this picture of medicine is taken in the form of an injection needle and there are also oral medicines taken through the mouth, add to that solutions Intravenous infusion, and medicines for external use, such as ointments and sterilizers.

Pharmacy Specifications

As for the formal specifications of the pharmacy, the pharmacy is designed from the inside with certain conditions that are difficult to violate. For the headquarters, a headquarters must be designed to ensure that your drug stock is kept in a safe manner that is not exposed to any risk factors.

pharmacy structure

One of the indispensable specifications is the existence of a program to manage the structure of the pharmacy with all its medicines, employees, pharmacists, stores, etc. The Pharmacare pharmacies management program helps you to perform this task in a simple way because it is a simple program that does not cost you much, but is there to follow up sales and record private profits. It is the best program for accounts and stores

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