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How to sell in pharmacies via barcode

The method of selling in pharmacies is through barcodes, as through the Pharmacare pharmacies management program .You can enter all kinds of medicines and other cosmetics in the pharmacy store .

Through the barcode or enter a code manually and create a barcode for the items and medicines that do not have a code and you can print them on any type of printer , with a password to enter the store to ensure the security of data and balances.

The Pharmacare pharmacy management program provides you with drug inventory reports in the pharmacy, including the current quantity of each type of drug. It also shows the total sales of the drug with the total current balance, in addition to the reports on the drugs that are not in the pharmacy, where the report includes the shortcomings and prints them in its own report.

The pharmacy program helps you to perform the fastest inventory of drug stores in the pharmacy, in addition to automatically showing the types and numbers of medicines that have a shortage in each type of medicine with a report of the deficit to facilitate the work of orders and order them easily in one time because Pharmacare provides the possibility of printing all reports.

The fastest way to sell in the pharmacy

The Pharmacare program allows you to create a barcode for new medicines or new cosmetic items you added in the pharmacy . And the possibility of printing them on a regular printer or printing on a thermal barcode printer.

And the barcode feature in the Pharmacare pharmacy program enables you to search for any type of medicine in the pharmacy store, and you can Also, search by the name of the drug and letters from the name only, and search by price and specialty of the drug and the name of the store.

The method of selling differed with the Pharmacare pharmacy management program, where medicines and other items can be sold automatically through the barcode device, which saves you the wasted time of traditional selling using the old manual methods, and the pharmacist can also by entering the code manually.

During the purchase of the drug, the customer may ask about the purposes of use or the side effects of the drug.

For this reason, the pharmacy management program made it easy for you to show the indications for use of the drug . Its side effects and the necessary doses during sale on the sales screen.

And it is also possible to record the active substance of the drug and search for a drug that you may not remember its name, with Show all medicines that contain the same active ingredient.

Printing invoices and reports in the Pharmacare program

The program works on more than one device or more than one point of sale (POS), where more than one cashier can be run at one time. These pharmacies.

In the Pharmacare program, there is a printing of a sales invoice for the customer that contains the name of the pharmacy . the date of sale, the time of sale, the quantity, the amount received from the customer and the remaining amount, if any, with the possibility of placing and adding any other element to the invoice such as an advertisement, offers, discounts, or a note for the pharmacy.

The Pharmacare – pharmacy management program also provides an account statement for customers and another for suppliers during a specified period, with the possibility of entering more than one user with the possibility of entering each user with his own access code different from the rest of the users with the possibility of specifying different powers for each user.

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