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Managing pharmacy data

Managing pharmacy data. The Pharmacare program is one of the most important auxiliary factors in the field of pharmacy management. As it manages the purchase and sale movements inside the pharmacy in a simple way.

That any user can deal with without complicating or wasting a long time in understanding the program and its operating system. In most cases, the pharmacy needs to complete the largest number of sales in the shortest time.

The pharmacy management program Pharmacare can manage an integrated chain of pharmacies. And manage the movement of sales and inventory in each pharmacy separately. Dealing with suppliers and customers lists on a larger level that suits the chain of pharmacies. Dealing with each branch. And linking the branches to each other as well.

Pharmacare pharmacy management 

The Pharmacare pharmacy management program is suitable for the sales system in the Saudi market . As it applies the electronic invoice system and supports the added value and adds it to the invoice and prints it .

which is what all Saudis are looking for now in all fields, not only in the field of pharmacies. Pharmacare pharmacy management program is approved by Before the Zakat and Tax Authority. The Pharmacare pharmacy management program provides you with a very large database with a lot of local and imported items.

Information about each type of drug, details about the active substance, the indications for use and alternatives to this drug if it is not available. And all the data required to complete the sale process. Such as the price and if there is a discount on This category or not, all of this is done within the program in one integrated screen.

Support for barcode devices and thermal printers

When he makes a sales invoice, the program automatically shows the Add Discount box to add the discount you want on this item. And in the end, the program makes reports on sales discounts that took place during a certain period (day / month / year), to be deducted at the end to calculate the profits or exact losses.

Since the Pharmacare pharmacy management program supports the quick sale feature. It supports barcode systems for sale, and through the barcode system, you can with one scan of the device on the product to know all the information you want, and you can also print the barcode to connect the thermal printers to the program.

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