Monitoring the buying and selling in the pharmacy.

 Monitoring the buying and selling in the pharmacy. where the pharmacies program is an effective tool through which you can manage your pharmacy. It is  the daily drawer. In addition to monitoring the pharmacy store and making an inventory in a simple way.

Ordering the medicines you need, and this helps you in ordering the required quantities that the pharmacy needs accurately without any increase or decrease. Pharmacare pharmacy management program is one of the most unique programs characterized by ease of use and accuracy in making reports

Petra Company for Information Technology Industry is one of the leading companies in the field of medical and accounting software. As it is one of the first programming companies in Egypt. which has prepared a pharmacy management program specifically for management. and it was launched in the market for the first time years ago, and since its launch in the markets, it has won the admiration of all users .

Huge drug database

The pharmacy program contains a large number of items traded in pharmacies. As it contains a huge database with complete data for each item. Including prices and also the discounts and taxes imposed on the invoice.

The pharmacy program also allows the sale of any drug or item in the absence of sufficient balance However, there are no items in the program that have negative balances.

 All the modifications that have been made to the invoice or any other document in the pharmacy program. And notes can be entered about the item inside the pharmacy so that the pharmacist can remember it at a later time, one store can be added or more at the pharmacy.

Features of a pharmacy management program:

One of the unique features found in the pharmacy management program .It is the possibility of stopping the sale of a particular item.

And it also allows dividing the existing items or preparations into therapeutic groups to facilitate. the process of searching for items through their respective sections. Where each item is for the treatment of specific cases, and when selling.

The pharmacy management program Pharmacare provides the ease of making pharmacy inventory in a simplified manner. As the inventory does not require stopping the sale in the pharmacy.

Another Features

In addition to the possibility of calculating the profitability in the pharmacy for any period of time specified by you, despite the presence of a large database in the pharmacy management program.

You can add new items if you want that .It is also possible to enter data about any drug that is forbidden. To be traded and sold without a medical prescription.

And to know whether this item is in the prohibited table or not, with a warning when selling.

 and also dividing the items into groups and extracting reports according to these divisions.

Reports provided by the Pharmacare program:

In the pharmacies management program there are reports of the balances of the items already in the pharmacy.

These reports can be in quantity and price. Or they can be only quantitative. and these reports can be called with a set of items you want.

Through the pharmacy program, it is possible to make orders. Where the program shows a statement of shortcomings to be re-ordered. Orders are made by easy ways that are unique to the Pharmacare program .

So that quantities that are more or less than the pharmacy need to obtain a strategic stock are not requested.

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