pharmacy management system - برنامج ادارة الصيدليات

pharmacy management system

The Pharmacare pharmacy management program is a comprehensive system with easy-to-use screens that can support Arabic and English language according to the user’s desire.

The Pharmacare pharmacy management program enables you to make invoices for the sale and purchase of medicines and other products, as well as follow up the sales movement of drug items and other products in the pharmacy.

In addition to professionally managing your stock of medicines as well as the medical supplies you sell. Where the Pharmacare program issues warehouse permissions to exchange, add or transfer between stores or branches.

A pharmacy management program that works on managing users and workers in the pharmacy with the utmost professionalism, in addition to managing more than one branch At the same time, it also provides reports on the performance of your business through detailed reports, including reports on profits and losses.

Issuance of drug bills quickly and efficiently:

Using the Pharmacare pharmacy management software and through the user-friendly interface for customers; You do not need to have a great deal of deep knowledge in the field of pharmacy accounting, now with the Pharmacare program, a pharmacy program, all sales and purchases will be calculated very easily, because it provides everything you need to carry out all the different operations.

The pharmacy management program can issue invoices for medicines and medical supplies in real time and print them or send them directly to the patient, in addition to recording daily entries and the ability to record all expenses, revenues and profits made by the pharmacy, the program calculates their depreciation, the pharmacy management program provides all detailed reports and also calculates the net income.

Organizing clients and creating records for them:

Through a pharmacy program, you can create records for your customers. These records include all the data and information to communicate with them and respond to them quickly, in addition to a record of the medications that each customer needs separately. This record includes periodic notes regarding doses and medications in detail.

The Pharmacare pharmacy management program provides payment methods and also provides many options for payment, and it includes electronic payment in the event that medicines delivery services or home nursing services are provided, and the client is determined with the date of delivery of medicines to him or the appointment of the home nursing service, and you can send alerts about the delivery date So by sending messages to them.

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