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Pharmacy program that accepts barcodes 

Pharmacy program that accepts barcodes a pharmacy program that accepts barcodes and it is easy to use .One of the most important elements that cannot be dispensed with when establishing your pharmacy is a pharmacy program that it is used in sales, purchases, discounts, returns.

Successful management program

Accounts and stores program is very important if you want a successful management of your pharmacy and drug stores. one of the most important features must be available in the pharmacy program is the ease of use and the simplicity of the steps used to sell items that require nothing more than reading the barcode .

Mistakes made by the pharmacist when choosing pharmacy program:

One of the most common mistakes that the pharmacist makes when choosing a sales  program. That it is a slow or primitive program, which makes the sales process slow and boring . which wastes the time of the pharmacist, who is in his interest to complete the sales process and accuracy.

Another point

 The quick interaction with the user when the user sells an item is one of the most important features of our program. The program records the expiration date of each of the existing items.

The system warns the user when the date is approaching, and the system does not allow the sale of an item that has expired.

Pharmacy program characterized by safety and continuity:

At the beginning of the activity of your pharmacy, you must choose a pharmacy program that is characterized by safety and continuity, because when you choose a temporary accounts program .

This hinders the system and disrupts time until there is a new system capable of dealing with emergencies such as power outages .

It is characterized by continuity and non-stop due to malfunctions or stopping the copy.  Any other A problem that occurs in your device does not cause the pharmacy data to be lost .

The importance of periodic updating of the program:

The pharmacy program should be characterized by the ease of updating the data periodically and the possibility of adding new items easily. 

Advantages of the Pharmacare

One of the most advantages of the Pharmacare program is a sales and stores program that is diverse in the reports provided by the system, as the program has a large set of reports covering all needs. for the purpose of arranging and organizing information and ease of dealing with accounts .

How to buy a pharmacy program:

Do not buy any program that does not have a large and up-to-date database, and do not rely on programs that have an empty database, if you fill it in.

This is almost impossible due to the large and large number of items.

Therefore, the pharmacy management program contains more than 23 thousand types of drugs in the database. Cosmetics and integrated care products.

The sales and stores program provides a number of powers for users. the ability to control the powers of each user individually or in groups .In addition to the possibility of linking branches with the main center if there are pharmacy chains.

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