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Simple pharmacy management program design

Simple pharmacy management program design The design of the pharmacy management program is easy, simple and modern, as the databases in the pharma care pharmacy management program were designed using the latest programming languages ​​through which more than one task can be done in one second, which made dealing with the pharmacy program fast with all the data entered into it is a matter Natural if you deal with the Pharmacare accounts and stores program.

Pharmacy Program Advantage

The pharmacy program is characterized by automaticity and speed in saving data,  addition to databases, and it also provides a trial version in order to test the program before purchasing it. It automatically updates the exchange rates, where it is possible to deal in pounds and dollars.

Connect all pharmacy branches:

The Pharmacare program supports work on more than one branch if you own more than one branch of your pharmacy, and all the reports you need can be extracted, as it is possible through the device in all branches, by means of the Pharmacare program, the data is transferred directly, and all information can be connected to one device in the main branch.

Another feature of the program

The company updates the pharmacy management program Pharmacare, where you receive a message as soon as you open the program with new updates to access the latest versions of the complete pharmacy program, and you can also run programs on all Windows systems.

Features of the accounts and stores program:

One of the most important features of the Pharmacare Accounts and Stores program is the flexibility in use and the simplicity of the design, where anyone can use the program even if he sees the pharmacist, and the pharmacy program accommodates a large and huge amount of items in any quantity, as well as prices with complete ease.

controlling the identification of items

Through the pharmacy program, controlling the identification of items, where it is possible to add any quantity of items such as medicines and various preparations, and can also modify any data or invoice, in addition to the possibility of deletion and printing, and there is also a record of invoices that can be viewed at any time.

Adding taxes to invoices

The pharmacy management program enables you to define all types of taxes that the pharmacy deals with and can be added to the invoices. The invoice shows the name of the pharmacy, the type of items sold, its name, the total amount and the tax rate on the invoice, and the invoice is automatically recorded in the billing register.

The pharmacy program helps you to know the deficiencies in your pharmacy through an important report that collects deficiencies of all items and the possibility of reminding you about them so that you make a purchase order with them, the possibility of linking pharmacy stores as well as sales and making an inventory in an easy and simple way

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