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Steps must pharmacist follow to develop the pharmacy

Steps that the pharmacist must follow to develop the pharmacy as we all know that there are some steps that the pharmacist should not skip or neglect in order to develop his pharmacy and increase its profits. Services in the pharmacy, and there are different types of services that the pharmacist can provide in the pharmacy to help people in need of these services.


One of the most important types of services provided by the pharmacist to the clients is the provision of weight measurement, height measurement, blood sugar measurement and pressure service.

in addition to the possibility of providing medical consultations and drug formulations. The pharmacist can also provide a fixed number to receive calls from patients’ questions, requests for treatment and medicines. 

Also, the work service must be available for night shifts, i.e. the pharmacy work continues until after midnight or 24 hours a day.

Division of business within the pharmacy:

The pharmacist must divide the work inside the pharmacy so that a group of the work team (the pharmacists) rotates to work in it, so that one person does not work for a long period, but each person in the pharmacy has a fixed time to work in it, and every pharmacist in his pharmacy must provide a change service for Wounds and injections, and one of the most important of these services is for the pharmacy to prepare a bag that contains all the necessary supplies for people who are traveling on a long trip.

Services that must be available in every pharmacy:

The pharmacy can provide the home delivery service, if the customers call or through the WhatsApp service, that is, the customer sends the prescription via WhatsApp to order the drug and deliver it to his home, and among the services is also the provision of home injection service, which requires the pharmacist or the person concerned in this matter to go To the patient’s house to give him the needle. This service is often provided to the elderly and those who are unable to be in the pharmacy on a daily basis to take the treatment dose of injections.


 In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the pharmacy can provide an alert service, which is to alert people to the dates of vaccinations and send messages to customers to urge them to take vaccination and alert the date of doses, or the dates of conducting the necessary examinations if the patient requests this, as well as the alert service of the end of the monthly treatment period This is done by sending a message to customers on the date or the day before or by communicating with them by phone.

Distinguished advertising for the pharmacy:

And in the end, a distinct advertisement must be made for the pharmacy, in order for the pharmacy’s services and name to reach the largest number of customers, and this can be done through many ways, including social media, which has become today the largest platform for advertising these days, in addition to the possibility of displaying all products and The services include printing the name and logo of the pharmacy on the pharmacy bags to attract attention. It is also possible to communicate with advertising companies to make different types of advertising with innovative ideas.

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