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Store management in the pharmacy accounting program

Store management in the pharmacy accounting program. Through the Pharmacare pharmacy management program.  you can enjoy many advantages while managing your pharmacy.

which is why the Pharmacare pharmacy management program has become the first and best pharmacy program in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Existing in the pharmacy or in the store.

The feature of managing stores and managing the inventory process without fatigue or effort.  Helps to improve the quality of work inside the pharmacy, increase the safety rate and distribute the medicines in the pharmacy in a simple and far from random way, and this is the best way to ensure that employees do not waste time in performing the inventory process that requires effort And a big time.

When you start your work on the pharmacy management system. You will need to access and control a lot of information. Including adding a new item, deleting an existing and unused item. Or modifying an item whose price has been changed by the company producing it. You have to adjust the price to the new one. All of this is available and available. In the pharmacy management program Pharmacare.

A program that saves you time and effort in the performance of your work:

As we all work, the process of managing pharmacies manually or in the old traditional way may waste a lot of time and effort on the staff in the pharmacy.

For this reason, using a system that manages all your sales and purchases is very important and indispensable to ensure the best quality and without wasting time.

The pharmacy management system is the most efficient in solving the problems of buying and selling in the pharmacy is the point of sale program. That gives you speed in the performance of the sales process .

Because the feature of integration between the pharmacy program and the point of sale system is one of the best features in the pharmacy management program – Pharmacare, and it helps you monitor the cash flow in pharmacy.

The pharmacy management program helps you to easily register all sales and purchase invoices and returns with knowledge of the validity dates of all items in the pharmacy or pharmacy store, however comprehensive reports on the movement of sales and purchases explaining the profit from each item and printing invoices for customers.

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