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Technical support in the pharmacy management program

Technical support in the pharmacy program .One of the first and most important features of the pharmacy management program is the presence of a fast technical support service .

That is available all the time to help you always with any problem or query you face in front of the program, so you have to pay close attention to the software company that you deal with to purchase a copy of the pharmacy management program where the company must provide a technical support service continuously .

Before purchasing a copy of the pharmacy management program, you must make sure that it is easy to deal with, as you can record all expenses and revenues, including capital and other expenses easily, and the ability to view comprehensive reports on all sales and stock movements of medicines.

Best pharmacy and store management software

Through the Pharmacare pharmacies management program, you can create an infinite number of stores and accounts for banks, customers and others. All stores can be connected to devices, so the store is affected by all sales that take place during it, and Pharmacare provides the possibility of transferring between stores and inventory in a very short time.

Pharmacare is the best pharmacy management program that enables you to track stores and display comprehensive reports on the movement of each store. The Pharmacare program provides you with the ability to create payment vouchers, collection vouchers, pay debts and fully control, modify and delete them.

Accounting program for pharmacy management

The Pharmacare pharmacy program is one of the most accurate accounting programs that manage the pharmacy . As it supports the addition of value-added tax.

It is also possible to allocate a general tax on sales and purchases or a special tax for each drug .Or make the tax zero or exempt, as Pharmacare gives you the ability to add taxes on invoices automatically or manually.

Pharmacare is a pharmacy program that gives you control over the accounting treatment of inventory movements by defining the basic accounts, calculating the cost of sales and calculating the value of inventory and discounts in the accounting tree because it provides you with a ready-made accounting tree that can be customized.

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