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Types of equipment in the pharmacy

Types of equipment in the pharmacy there are types of devices in the pharmacy. As there are devices that must be present in the pharmacy. These devices are very important for the pharmacist to help him complete the buying and selling operations.

What are the best types of hardware devices that should be found in the pharmacy?

Hardware is a complement to the work of the pharmacy management program, because its mission is to facilitate the work inside the pharmacy.

The most important equipment that must be present in any pharmacy:

The barcode reader is one of the most important devices in the pharmacy. Because it organizes the sales process and completes it in a quick way. The barcode reader is part of the modern technology. That helps in performing all sales operations in the pharmacy in seconds. Where the alternative method was in the past is to record sales invoices Manually in the pharmacies program or if the pharmacies management program is not available, as the registration in the books is done manually.

In the past, the registration of sales invoices in the pharmacy was done manually, and this work takes several minutes, which may reach about 10 minutes, but with the barcode reader, it is possible to make sales invoices in a matter of a few seconds.

Types of barcode readers:

The types of barcode readers differ in the brand according to the different specifications of the device. And the prices also differ from one model to another.

Among the most important and most famous types that Petra provides in the Pharmacare pharmacy management program are:

Barcode Reader – Datalogic:

Data Logic is one of the most important and most widespread types of barcode reader devices.

And it is distinguished by its appropriate price compared to other barcode devices because it is considered one of the high quality devices. The price of a Data Logic barcode reader is about 800 Egyptian pounds.

Thermal printer (barcode printer):

The printer device (barcode printer) is the device that precedes the work of the barcode reader.

Through which the barcode label is printed with the specifications. that each pharmacy wants from the pharmacy name / drug name and drug code / price. which are set through the Pharmacare pharmacy management program.

The most important types of barcode printers:

One of the most important types of thermal barcode printers is the X Printer. As it is characterized by its high quality. which many pharmacies owners work with. and also the reason for its spread is its low price compared to the quality it offers.

As the price of the barcode printer (X Printer) reaches 1600 Egyptian pounds. Only, as it prints invoices and barcodes.

The computer in the pharmacy:

It is better to choose the computer in the pharmacy based on the capabilities of the hardware devices. And also the pharmacy program that you use.

It is recommended to use computers with medium capabilities. which are one of the most compatible with the technological development in hardware devices.

Always make sure that the computer in the pharmacy has medium capabilities that can support work on it at the very least. The operating system in the device must be no less than Windows 7.

Your priorities when choosing a barcode device:

One of the most important priorities is the extent of your needs. If you are opening a pharmacy project, one of your most important priorities at this time is to prepare all the pharmacy equipment, so at this time the percentage of your need for them increases.

Also, the capabilities of the pharmacy program that you use, and it is better to choose a program that gives you the freedom to choose hardware devices.

The pharmacy program must support local and international barcodes, as well as the QR feature, and this is what our program provides.


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