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What are the skills needed to work in a pharmacy?

A large number of people wonder about what skills a person who works in a pharmacy should have. But what you do not know is that anyone can work in a pharmacy if he wants to, but a prerequisite is to have patience, and many other recipes and here are a number of these At the beginning, you should not forget that you are a future pharmacist, as whoever works in the pharmacy must obtain a pharmacy certificate or pharmacy institute, but you can work as a pharmacist assistant or replace the pharmacist in his absence if you have the same characteristics as the pharmacist.

If you want to replace the pharmacist in his absence, you have to gain some experience and knowledge, and this experience is to be fully aware of the trade names of medicines while keeping their different forms, whether they are pills or capsules, either they are injections, ampoules, ointments, or medicine for children, Knowing how you can order it again if there is a shortage of it, and also you have to keep a cool place to store the medicine that needs to be in a refrigerator, and knowing where every medicine is in the pharmacy.

Features that a pharmacist assistant should have:

One of the advantages that you should have is your ability to read prescriptions (prescriptions) in various fonts, which is the biggest problem that you may face, but as we explained that this profession needs to be patient, with time you can read all kinds of prescriptions at least from doctors near the pharmacy , and with time, you will not find at this point any obstacle in front of you.

If you want to work in a pharmacy, you must have communication skills, which are very necessary to deal with all kinds of patients, customers, suppliers and others. It is preferable to be a social person who interacts with customers with different cultural and social levels, and this is also necessary while dealing with different types of Suppliers, all these skills increase your financial profits and will make the pharmacy owner stick to you more and will make you accepted by customers.

And if you yourself are doing the buying and selling process, registering bills and ordering from pharmaceutical companies and drug stores, then the pharmacy must have a program of accounts and stores in order to make it easier for you to record sales and purchases, and also to facilitate the process of searching for any medicine or any cosmetic product, all of this is in the database There is a pharmacy program, and this is a great advantage in facilitating the buying and selling process due to your lack of experience in it or the presence of different offers and prices, but with time you will have sufficient experience to deal inside the pharmacy alone with the Pharmacare program to manage pharmacies.

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